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Increasing File Limits on Linux Mint: Bind 24 too Many Open Files

Feb 102019

This problem has been driving me nuts for a while now, but on the bright side it caused me to close all of my files by habit. The solution to this problem should have been obvious, but like many things in my life, it just didn't click. The problem is that I was trying to change global OS settings from within a non-root account. You have to actually change the config files from the root account and give all sub-accounts the ability to raise their limits. Also note, that the command "sudo ulimit -n 9000000" does not work.


Temporarily extend limits by switching to root and typing:

ulimit -n 900000

It's better to extend it on all users though so that you don't have to do everything in root. It took me a while to figure this out because I was changing the config in my user account etc/config files, but you have to switch to root and change the config in there to change the allowed limits.

sudo su root
rmate limits.conf

Then add this to the file and save:

* soft nofile 900000
* hard nofile 900000
<user> soft nofile 900000
<user> hard nofile 900000
root soft nofile 900000
root hard nofile 900000