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My Story

Hi there, I'm Ryan. I've lived the larger portion of my life with a heedlessly single-minded ambition to achieve permanent passive financial freedom via the internet. So much so, that my relatively incredible achievements enveloped my choices like wet concrete. I started giving my friends jaded advice after another revenue stream dried up like, "be careful what you get good at." I even started to compare my life to the Greek myth Sisyphus, trapped by my inability to let years of effort go to waste and unwilling to pick a new direction. I told myself, "if I did it once, I can do it again." as if clinging to a sinking lifeboat and I just kept plodding forward.

Current Career Strategy

As a rule, I always try to make choices that benefit me in multiple ways. Right now I'm memorizing real estate terms so that I can eventually blast through the exams. I'm confident that my charismatic sales abilities in combination with my dynamic technical marketing skills will give me the highest career potential. That's why I intend to find a real estate brokerage firm that can use my marketing expertise while I learn from the inside. It also gives me ulterior motivation to help the business flourish.

Over the last few years however, I've been letting my sole proprietorship revenue grow cold as I prioritize advancing myself in the much more stable and gratifying work environment of established companies. I ended up working a very odd job after my sales job almost tanked and laid off virtually everyone without an established book of clients and I was incidentally plucked out and put into a maximum impact marketing role at a fairly large company. Apparently my growing reputation had received the right type of attention. Among many other unorthodox contributions, I had built a markedly effective web application with Python that dramatically reduced labor time and practically eliminated human error. I tracked its use and had a rough idea how much money I was saving the company. That's why I wasn't surprised when it got the CEO's attention and what ultimately landed me a real marketing position. One that I would have been too intimidated to apply for because of my ignorance, but where I absolutely belonged.

Suddenly thrown into marketing, not only was I now nearly bursting at the seams with excitement from the sheer variety of ways I could observe my value making an impact, but I finally got a taste of utilizing my full potential with a team of serious professionals. And although I was never by any means unqualified for anything there, it was apparent that I was forged in a different environment and it took a little time to adjust. Fortunately, I had an endless sack of unique ways to profit the company from there, so I was able to buy myself plenty of time to fill in the gaps of my tool belt. I believe that my initiative and insatiable desire to learn every morsel of insight the opportunity had to offer is fairly transparent in my portfolio.

Internet marketing is not a latent half-baked career choice for me, it's my absolute identity.

Virtue Cloud

  • Fast Quality Design
  • Organic Ranking Mastery
  • Advanced Local & Online Scripting
  • Tactical Sales Closing
  • Creative Writing
  • Mass Data Curation
  • Online Reputation & Social Media
  • Mobile Responsive Frontend Dev
  • Deep SEO Repair & Blemish Finding (Advanced Scripting)
  • Paid Search Media, Strategy, & Campaigning
  • UX Design & Tactical User Flow
  • Masterful Text Manipulation & Regex Use
  • Organized & Efficient in Chaos
  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Videography & Photography
  • Very Acute Initiative
  • Brilliant Creative Problem Solving
  • Server, Linux, & Database Administration
  • 3D Modeling, Vinyl Cutting & Application, 3D Printing, & CNC
  • Leveraging Psychological Tendencies
  • Windows IT Mastery & Intuitive Software Comprehension
  • Conversion Testing

Lofty Works

Quick Note

It is my intention here to convey the scope of my ability as well as the potential for some of my marketing ideas in the hope that someone will see a way to use my abilities in a more effective direction.

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  • Organic / SEO
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